Kami Guidry, MS, MFT-Associated

Are you a parent seeking help for your teen struggling at school, dealing with behavioral, self-esteem, or emotional issues? Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed with life? Are you having difficulty effectively communicating with your partner or hoping to take your relationship to the next level? Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship conflict or feel overwhelmed with life, no one should go at it alone. My goal is to help you process your concerns, decide on goals you want to achieve, and develop a realistic plan for change.
My areas of specialty include those presenting with anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, family conflict, improving marital and family relationships, communication skills, and self-esteem. I am passionate about creating healthy individuals, couples, and families, as well as empowering parents and caregivers.
I offer a customized approach that addresses systemic issues as well as individual concerns. No matter your needs, if you are ready to make life changes, I would be honored to walk with you through your journey of healing. To better accommodate busy schedules, I am also available Friday-Sunday.