Greg Romney, MFT

I received my BS degree in Economics from University of North Texas in 2007. I am currently finishing my graduate program in Family Counseling at Southern Methodist University. My studies focus on marriage and family therapy and addiction. I have had course work involving sex therapy, life span development, psychopathology, assessments, diverse communities, family therapy, marriage, family of origin, family systems, and embodied expressive therapies.

I have been married for over 15 years and have been blessed with 7 wonderful children. Nothing on this earth brings me more happiness or fulfillment than the relationships I have with my family, in spite of the many issues we have had to work through along the way. It is my mission to help others to experience that same fulfillment within their own family relationships.

Outside of therapy I have a passion for business, and most especially entrepreneurship. I love anything sports or outdoors. I enjoy being active, but appreciate relaxing as well. I want to help others find satisfaction in their own interests and accomplishments, and healthy levels of self-care along the way.